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Detoxification is the practice of purging the body of a substance, while dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. This practice must be done swiftly and properly as possible, and is, for many addicts, is a vital first step in rehabilitation. The most critical thing to bear in mind regarding detox is that it is NOT treatment, is not able to ‘cure’ a drug addict or alcoholic from their illness. The most effective established methods of recovery are treatment and rehabilitation. Clinicians highly recommend to recover in a treatment program located near you.

A practitioner within the San Antonio can determine the sort of detox an addict requires based on their degree of addiction and their substance of abuse. Social detoxification is generally completed in a residential or outpatient setting, and does not typically require medical supervision. Instructional categories, recovery meetings, and group therapy are some great benefits of participating in social detoxification. Medically supervised detoxification (sometimes called medically supervised withdrawal) requires admittance into a hospital or medical health center, and generally includes the aid of medication. This type of detox should be supervised by trained clinical personnel for the health and safety of the client.

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