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Even though a lot of people suffer from dependency, it remains a constantly misunderstood issue. An addict makes the first decision to begin using illegal substances, and their ability to stop is encumbered by the way drugs influence the brain. Some addicts began using medicine such as pain killers as a legitimate solution to relieve discomfort, however, then discover they are dependent on the substance that was originally meant to help them.

Then there are some people that experience trauma or incredible anxiety, then try to prevent those emotions by medicating with legal or illegal drugs. San Antonio believes that the key to addressing substance dependency isn’t to punish or be cruel, but to educate, support, and inform the addict in recovery. To start recovering now, dial our number so you can find the right treatment near you.

Substance abuse disorder is a psychological disease that creates an uncontrollable craving for drugs in spite of the knowledge of disastrous consequences, and is a term that’s used to include misuse of all legal and illegal drugs, medicine, and alcohol. A suitable comparison would be type-two diabetes: a series of poor health- and food-related choices results in the advancement of this sort of diabetes, and it will have to be monitored, and occasionally medicated, for the remainder of the person’s life, or they could die.

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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